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Government & Education

Telehealth is a powerful tool that can help you improve health outcomes and lower costs.

Mens Health

We can help tackle logistical challenges 

With thousands of employees spread over large areas, government agencies, schools and universities shoulder a growing cost burden of healthcare.

This stems from skyrocketing expenses, an aging population susceptible to chronic diseases and a looming doctor shortage. 


Build a happier and healthier community

Sevenice Health Services works with our clients to create convenient, online access to healthcare that enhances an institution’s existing health and wellness initiatives.

Using a “Google approach” to its user interface, Sevenice Health's services are highly intuitive and easy to understand, which results in a simple, positive, no-hassle experience.

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Industry-leading telehealth solution

Sevenice Health Services has harnessed technology and blended it with best-in-class care to create easy-to-implement solutions that reduce overall healthcare costs and improve productivity.

Womens Health
Urgent Care
Talk Therapy

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Learn how you can offer high-quality and affordable care with Sevenice Health Services.

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